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Top 5 face paint party ideas

Face painting can be an amazing addition to any party as it can be adapted to all sorts of themes. I've worked at a lot of parties so I know what works alongside face painting. Here are my top 5 ideas.

1. Traditional party games

If you've got the energy party games are a great addition to face painting for younger children. Children can easily dip in and out of games to get their faces painted. You can mix it up with faster games like musical chairs or bumps and then slower games like pass the parcel to cool them down for a bit. For a stress free party there are lots of companies that will run the party for you. (I've added a few suggestions at the end).

2. UV Disco

A UV disco is great for older children/tweens and teens. Most professional face painters will have UV paints in their kits. These paints appear to glow as pigments in them reflect brighter under UV light. If you get a professional disco set up make sure to ask them if they have UV lights. Also worth thinking about the time of year for this. Discos are better in the winter months when you'll get the full effect of the lights. Again there are DJs who specialise in children's parties and run games and dancing competitions along side the music.

3. Arts and crafts

Having a few crafts on a table that fit in with the theme of your party is also a nice addition for younger children. Giving them a variety of different things to do keeps them busy. They can colour in a crown, make a wand, or decorate cupcakes. Baker Ross do good craft kits for parties. I've also painted at pottery painting places and it's worked really well for older children.

4. Picnic at the park

Whether you visit your local park or find another one locally, this is a fabulous low cost party, (but it is reliant on the weather!). Having a face painter there can make it as a special occasion. I've face painted at lots of parks and it works really well with younger children and it's a good option to fit in after school. There's always something for them to do and parents can come and enjoy it too. Face Painters usually have their own table and chair so as long as they can park close by it's an easy job, and I love working outside.

5. Slumber party/film night

For smaller groups of slightly older children - 7-11 year olds - a 'slumber' party is another nice option. My daughter had a slumber party where we decided to have all the fun of a slumber party without the sleeping over. So we did hair chalks, face paint, glitter tattoos, trip to the park, pizza and a film at home with their duvets and they were all picked up by 8pm - they loved it and everyone was happy.

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