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Going to a Halloween Ball or fancy dress party?

What's the process?

  1. Get in touch to book a slot as soon as possible - for adults I allow 45 minutes for full faces (a good realistic skull will take this long), one hour plus if body paint is required as well, 15-20 minutes for mask area, so if there’s a group of you bear that in mind.

  2. Share your costume with me (ideally at least 2 weeks before) - If there’s a picture that you’ve seen on Pinterest or Insta send them to me. I can advise on what’s possible in the time, what would work and any adjustments to help it suit your face. Also remember, some of the designs that appear on Instagram and Pinterest will have taken the artists hours (and I mean hours!).

  3. I’ll go away, break down the design into stages - plan which products to use, and in which order and practice the design.

  4. On the day - Prep your face before we meet, cleanse, moisturise, a light base of liquid foundation (if you use it).

  5. I create your character - I will use only the best quality water based face paints, traditional make up, glitters, gold leaf, gems, fake blood, and I can apply false eyelashes and finish it off with a fixing spray to help it last through the night.

Prices for adults:

  • £50 full face

  • £30 mask area

  • £70 full face and arms, décolletage

Prices for children:

  • £15 full face

  • £10 mask area

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